Atlanta Bar Hopping

What could be more fun than a night out in Atlanta, Georgia? Our capital city is the area's cultural center and is packed with fun things to do, including some fantastic bars and clubs! Atlanta is 134 square miles of fun! And you can enjoy it all when you call ATL Party Bus for luxury transportation services; you will be able to go across the city for your next bar-hopping, night-out extravaganza! We have a variety of limos and party bus sizes that will let you bar crawl the way you like without any time and space limitations. Thanks to the premium amenities you will find in their interiors, you can take the fun with you where you want. With its booming stereo systems, incredible led lights, a back wall between you and the driver for privacy, and built-in bars with coolers, you can host a moving party and Atlanta bar crawling, carrying it into Atlanta, Georgia's most vibrant nightlife districts. And since you can drink in our luxury vehicles and store the drinks in their coolers, you can even take the full bar with you if you want to. With our limousine services, you will have such a great time because the fun won't end until you say so, and if you're going to, you can party until dawn. You can call on us for your intimate night out with a handful of close friends or an epic night with everyone you know.

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A night of Atlanta bar hopping is always a fun time, especially in a city like this! But sometimes, planning transportation, especially with a large group, can be a pain! First, you have to find enough designated cars and drivers to transport everyone. Then make sure all the drivers know where to go, where you're going to park, and meet so you don't lose the group. And if you have a long distance to travel between bars, sometimes a long drive with a car full of intoxicated friends can be a bit annoying. And there always seems to be that one friend trying to sneak a beer into the car. But when you have a chauffeur and one of our vehicles, those issues don't exist!

The perks of an ATL limo or party bus are plenty. To start, we have vehicles of all sizes, so no matter how many are in your group, you can all travel together! You'll also have a breeze getting to and from the bars, as we'll drop you off and pick you up right at the front! And because you can drink on board, the celebration never stops! It's also not a big deal if that one friend wants to have a beer on board. And if it's long-distance travel, you'll have fun drinking and relaxing and listening to music or watching movies. It's also worth mentioning that we operate 24 hours, so you can keep the fun rolling even after the last call!

The hottest spots in Atlanta for bar-hopping

Since we want you to have a fantastic time on your next bar-hop night out in the town, we took the time to make a selection of what, for us, are the best bars and pub areas where you will have a blast. Let's begin with the most popular place in the last years for young adults, where most of the fun is happening every Friday night, and that is Virginia Highlands. This area is full of trendy bars, classy lounges, stylish pubs, dance clubs with live music, and unique restaurants. But the best of it all is the lively atmosphere that you will find on its streets, which, on weekends, are full of dynamic people ready to party. Then, there is the renowned Ponce City Market, where plenty of bars are beside the restaurants and the market, such as The Roof, Biltong Bar, The Family Dog, 9 Mile Station, Georgia Beer Garden and more. But that's not all because there is also Grant Park, East Atlanta Village, and Little Five Points. And whatever your final decision is, we will take you there on one of our top-notch party buses or limo rentals. And finally, there are also fascinating festivals by seasons of all kinds, which are a perfect moment for having an incredible time next to your loved ones and closest friends. You can book our limo services for festivals like Cinco de Mayo, Mardi Grass, St. Patrick's Day, the Decatur Wine Festival, and Halloween.

We think you'll be pleasantly surprised at how affordable our limousines and party bus rentals are. Our prices are very reasonable, and if you plan to split the cost among a group, you'll be surprised at just how small the cost is per person! You might even find yourself renting a party bus every weekend! And remember that you can also count on limo services for any upcoming events you have planned; you just tell us what you have in mind, and we will accommodate.

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