Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a small collection of the most frequent questions that we receive from brand new customers here at ATL Party Bus. We hope that we've addressed your questions here, and if not, you can always get in touch with us right here.

How many guests can fit in each party bus?

...We have a wide array of different buses, with some holding a smaller number of guests, just up to 16. Most of our party buses fall into the 18 to 25 guest range. Then we have our deluxe VIP buses that hold 30 to 40 passengers. You can rent any single Atlanta party bus or any combination of vehicles to accommodate your party. Please note, if you do plan to rent multiple vehicles, you may want to try to call as early as possible to ensure availability.

Do you provide transportation for kids' parties?

...We do plenty of business for childrens' birthday parties, sweet sixteen parties, high school proms, and homecoming parties. It's the safest mode of transportation, particularly for teens, because as a parent, you can avoid the problem of teenage distracted driving or your kids texting and driving. Even if they manage not to do these things on a normal day, the day of a big celebration can be ultra exciting and even the most well-behaved teen can get distracted and decide to send a text while driving. Ensure their safety by providing a nice clean party bus and a professional chauffeur.

What are your hours of business?

...We are open 24/7/365, so call or email us anytime!

Can I cancel the reservation?

Once you have paid your down deposit, you are locked into paying for the service. You cannot cancel and are required to pay whether you use it or not. The only thing you may do, depending on availability, is move your reservation up or down in time or upgrade or downgrade your vehicle.

Are there any restrictions on underage guests?

...Whenever there is anyone on the bus who is under 21 years of age, there is no alcohol allowed on board. There are no exceptions to this rule. If your party is strictly 21 and up, you're welcome to stock the built-in bar with as many alcohol beverages as you like. We do not provide you with alcohol, so you will have to bring your own, unopened bottles.

Are we responsible for any damages?

...If any damages are purposefully done to the vehicle while you're renting the bus, that will be reflected in your bill. This is rarely, if ever, been a problem with our customers, and we're sure that you'll return a clean party bus in the same condition it was given to you in.

Is smoking allowed in an ATL Party Bus?

...We do not allow smoking in any of our vehicles. You do get unlimited stops so you can take a smoke break when you want to. Tell the driver and they will stop when it is safe to do so. If you do smooke in the vehicles, your ride will be terminated.

Any good party bus companies outside Atlanta?

There sure is. We recommend Phoenix Party Buses in Arizona.

What kind of entertainment features are there?

...Our party buses all feature HDTVs with DVD players and high quality audio systems that play CDs and MP3s. Some also include color-changing fiber optic or LED lights, dance poles and dance stages.