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Stone Mountain Pizza Cafe

5370 Stone Mountain Hwy, Ste 1030, Stone Mountain, GA 30087
(770) 413-6717

This is pizza at its absolute best. Actually, the pizza here is off the chain. If you start with a salad, you will be pleasantly surprised with the very freshest ingredients. For a little dessert, you must have one of their calzones which are best described as fluffy, cheesy, yummy goodness. And if you are looking for something other than pizza, you can sample some amazing sandwiches. Whatever you order, get one of the house margaritas to wash everything down. For some viewing pleasure, this is one of the few places where you can still watch the cooks throwing the dough around.

Village Corner

6655 James B Rivers Memorial Dr, Stone Mountain, GA 30083
(770) 498-0329

Owned and operated by first generation German Americans, this place has grown to incorporate a traditional German style Tavern, a European Bakery, a cafe style dining room and a brewery. What more could you really ask for. If you love traditional German food, you are going to be in heaven here. We have a few suggestions on what to order, check out the Rouladen, Jager Schnitzel or Spatzel's with sun dried tomatoes. To drink, your server will help you pair your food order with a perfectly matched bottle of wine or an in house beer. A perfect end to your evening will be a stop into the bakery.

Waterside Restaurant

4021 Lakeview Drive, Evergreen Marriott Conference Resort, Stone Mountain, GA 30083
(770) 879-9900

There is nothing wrong with indulging yourself from time to time. And we highly recommend that you do it soon in this stylish establishment which offers over the top delicious buffets in a casually elegant setting. You will find an awesome selection of meat, fish and vegetable dishes. The servers are amazing and on top of everything too. Don't forget about desserts either or you will be sorry. Homemade is the word of the day at Waterside and that means a delectable time for you and your party.

Sweet Potato Cafe

5377 Manor Dr, Stone Mountain, GA 30083-3068
(770) 559-9030

The great thing about places to eat is the variety and the different kind of experiences you can have. What is great about this place is its cozy atmosphere. Watch out or this place may become a habit. You are never going to beat good old home cooking. Try the Sweet Potato Souffle or the Sweet Potato Waffles. Believe us when we tell you that you have never had anything quite like it. As you have already surmised, sweet potatos are the staple in just about every meal they create here. Worth a stop for sure.

Stonewall's Lounge

4021 Lakeview Drive, Evergreen Marriott Conference Resort, Stone Mountain, GA 30083
(770) 879-9900

This place will serve you in any number of ways. Get some friends together and stop on by for your favorite beverage. Or how about some light fare and a good old game of billiards. Stonewall's Lounge is the perfect place to catch up with some old friends or unwind after a long day. The setting is comfortable and relaxing. The word pleasant doesn't really cover the experience you will have here. They have one of the very best Reuben sandwiches around. But what you will really love the most are the prices.

Dugan's Tavern

5922 Memorial Drive, Stone Mountain, GA 30083
(404) 297-8545

Make this your go to venue. You will be very pleased when you sip on one of their drinks. They are never weak. There is also some cool groovin music to move to going on in here. They are known for their wings but also make sure you get an appetizer of shrimp/chicken nachos. If watching the football game is your thing in stead of watching people, then that is alright too. Also, the friendliness is off the charts, once the bartenders meet you once, you will always be a friend. As far as the service, expect to be treated in a special way.

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