ATL Party Bus Sports & Tailgating

Down here in Atlanta, we sure do love our sports! And with good reason, too, because we are home town to some pretty amazing teams! The Braves, Hawks, Falcons, and not to mention the college teams in Georgia! Every sports fan can get their fill with a great team to support and cheer on! And what's better than heading to the game or setting up a day of tailgating? Well, it's going all-out with a limousine or party bus!

Whether you just want to treat yourself to a little VIP action with a luxury vehicle, or if you've got a long day planned of tailgating and drinking, ATL Party Bus is an ideal way to travel to and from the game. Let's discuss why that is. Game day is pretty much guaranteed to be a fun day, and not much can bring down the mood, except perhaps traffic. Yes, we all know the annoyances of being stuck in long lines of traffic and then the nightmare the parking can be. But when you've got us, you don't have those worries.

When we take you to the game, while we can't control traffic, you won't have to worry about navigating it. You'll be on the bus drinking and watching TV or listening to music and have a great pre-game, meaning you aren't going to be bothered by traffic! When we arrive at the venue, we're able to drop you right off so no circling the parking lot looking for a spot. It's easy-peasy for you! If you're tailgating, no worries about being dropped of. We'll find a sport and you can set up your grill and of course use the on-board coolers for your drinks. This also makes for a pretty unique custom tailgating experience.

We've often had groups tailgating where the guys bring their girlfriends who maybe aren't as into sports as they are, or maybe you bring the whole family and the kids are a little restless. That's where a party bus comes in handy. While the guys are out grilling and drinking, if the girls aren't sports fans, they can relax with music or movies on the bus, or if you've got the kids getting restless, they can stay on the bus and watch a movie. It's just convenient and fun!

Perhaps the most important consideration here is that when you have a chauffeur, you have a designated driver. This allows you to drink before, during, and after the game, while providing a safe and reliable ride home. It's the responsible thing to do.

So what do you say? Have you been talked into adding some luxury to game day? If so, give us a call! You'll be surprised at just how affordable it is! We operate 24 hours per day, so call any time to book your vehicle!