Peachtree Corners Party Bus Dining

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Grace 1720

5155 Peachtree Parkway, Norcross, GA 30092
(678) 421-1720

Grace 1720 is one of the best American restaurants that the Peachtree Corners area has ever been "graced" with! Sorry, we can't help ourselves! But seriously, ATL Party Bus customers really love this place, and that's why it's earned top spot on our list of recommendations for this area. This is definitely the kind of place that you'll want to enjoy for your special occasions, and especially so if you want to sit at their beautiful bar and raise a toast to that wonderful celebration. It's not too pricey here despite the high quality, and they do have more than enough room for your ATL Party Bus groups. The pumpkin bread is absolutely incredible and we are hugely in love with thier collard greens. The fish wrap is also definitely worth ordering!

Taqueria Del Mar

5075 Peachtree Parkway NW, Peachtree Corners, GA 30092
(678) 820-9836

At the Aln Ingles Shopping Center, Taqueria Del Mar offers up some of the best breakfast and brunch in the Peachtree Corners area! Not to mention some of the best Mexican food overall. This is a super impressive establishment with a full bar at your fingertips, and we think you'll love the affordable pricing and the spacious interior that is so welcoming to party bus travelers. The poblano and corn chowder is the top thing that we would recommend to you here, and the short rib tacos simply have to be tried! Every single item on the menu is stellar and you'll really love any darn thing that you choose to order here!

Sushi House Hayakawa

5979 Buford Hwy NE, Atlanta, GA 30340
(770) 986-0010

In Peachtree Corners, you will find Sushi House Hayakawa, one of the greatest places to get sushi and Japanese fare in this area! It's a casual type of atmosphere and it's not overly loud here or too quiet, so you'll feel comfortable coming in with your ATL Party Bus group and just hanging out while you dine and drink. There is a full bar here. As far as the prices go, they do climb up there a bit, but it's worth every dollar. The salmon roe is absolutely incredible and we're hooked on the scallop sashimi! The fresh wasabi will really blow your tastebuds away, and we mean that, so be careful! Truly impressive dining experience here!

Three Dollar Cafe

6050 Peachtree Parkway, Norcross, GA 30092
(770) 441-8520

Three Dollar Cafe is one of Peachtree Corners' bests! Many say that they have the best wings in all of Atlanta, and while we haven't tried this one ourselves yet, our busloads of ATL Party Bus customers who visit there regularly definitely seem to agree! They do have a smallish dining area here, so you may want to opt for this place for your smaller party bus groups, or take advantage of their outdoor L-shaped patio (with TVs for sports!) for at least some of your guests to balance it out! Watching football games here is always a blast and the people who work here are just so super friendly. Very highly recommended.

Don Pedro Restaurant

5130 Buford Highway NW, Norcross, GA 30071
(770) 242-1920

Don Pedro Restaurant is in Peachtree Corners and we have nothing but kind words to say about this ATL Party Bus favorite. This is a lunch and dinner spot like no other, serving up enormous portions of the most delicious food in town. The spicy pork tacos are probably our favorite thing on the menu, and the tongue tacos are also really great if you're more adventurous! The salsa bar is fantastic as well, with some surprises on it that we think you'll really enjoy! The only possible downside to this one is that they do not serve alcohol, but you'll have your ATL Party Bus bar well stocked, so who cares?

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