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The Cotton Cafe

136 N Broad St, Monroe, GA 30655

If you are lookin gfro a place to go and get your morning started of on the right foot and if you are looking to enjoy a nice, relaxing place to go to after school or work then The Cotton Cafe is a wonderful place in the Monroe area for you to go to. They feature some absolutely delicious breakfasts such as light and fluffy pancakes, delicious bacon, egg, and cheese croissants, and fresh baked goods that are always simply fantastic. They brew their own coffee drinks and make their smoothies and juices with fresh squeezed fruits. Everything about The Cotton Cafe is fresh and remarkable. You will surely have a great time every single time that you head there for a meal.

Little Italy Peppino's Pizzeria

105 Broad St, Monroe, GA 30655

When you find yourself craving some great pizza in the Monroe area there is pretty much nowhere around that is better to satisfy that craving than Little Italy Peppino's Pizzeria. They feature some of the best pizza that you will have in all of the state of Georgia. They feature a wonderfully authentic, traditional Italian atmosphere that you will always certainly enjoy. Their fresh ingredients are always a delight, and they make their doughs completely fresh every single day and their sauces are all made completely from scratch with all fresh ingredients. Little Italy Peppin's Pizzeria is the best place around to go when you are in the mood for some great Pizza.

Athens Grill

2120 Spring St, Monroe, GA 30655

Athens Grill is absolutely the best place in the Monroe area to go and dig into some absolutely fantastic, fresh, and authentic Greek food that has been made completely from an honest to goodness Greek family. This family owned and operated establishment is full of incredibly nice people who go to great lengths to make sure that everyone who walks through the door has a fantastic time. Their booths are incredibly comfortable as well, and their outside dining are is extremely relaxing and provide a great feeling. The gyros that they serve up are always delicious and flavorful, and their pastas are extremely delicious every single time. Whether you want a souvlaki, a kebab, a gyro, or a baklava, Athens Grill will never disappoint.

Los 3 Amigos

776 W Spring St, Monroe, GA 30655

When you are looking to dig into some absolutely fantastic Mexican food, you simply can not beat Los 3 Amigos. They feature some of the best, most authentic Mexican food that you can get just about anywhere in the Monroe area. Their staff is extremely friendly and they will always make sure that you are happy with your overall meal. They portion sizes are extremely generous and their prices are extremely reasonable. Los 3 Amigos is always a wonderful experience, especially if you are in the mood to enjoy a festive atmosphere and a great meal that you will always simply love. You will love their fajitas and their amazing seafood options such as fish tacos, shrimp tacos, and much more. You will never be disappointed with your decision to head to Los 3 Amigos for a meal, without a shadow of a doubt.

Tokyo Japanese Restaurant

1946 W Spring St, Monroe, GA 30655

Many people really love to dig into some great Japanese food, and the owners of Tokyo Japanese Restaurant get this better than just about anybody does. They feature some simply amazing sushi and Japanese dishes that you will love digging into such as high quality sushi that features all of your favorite, traditional rolls such as California Rolls, Philadelphia Rolls, Spicy Tuna Crunch Rolls, and much more. Their attentive service will always simply blow you away. Their atmosphere is always extremely friendly and relaxed, and you will always feel as if you are being taken care of when you head to Tokyo Japanese Restaurant. We strongly recommend that you grab an order of their amazing hibachi steak or their udon noodles.