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Bay Breeze Seafood Restaurant

11440 Tara Blvd, Hampton, GA 30228

Bay Breeze Seafood Restaurant is a simply excellent restaurant to go when you are looking to dig into some fantastic, unforgettable fried foods. Bay Breeze Seafood Restaurant has been voted as the #2 Seafood Restaurant in the whole state of Georgia by the Zagat Guide. That is a rather impressive achievement for a restaurant that is off of the Ocean. This is a great place to go and relax, as the interior gives you a feel of a gentle beach that you will feel a great amount of comfort in. Their meals are amazing, from the Alaskan white fish to the delicious shrimp fettuccini. Whether you want to head there for lunch or dinner, Bay Breeze Seafood Restaurant is always a great option.

Grand Stand's Bar & Grill

11346 Tara Blvd, Hampton, GA 30228

If you are looking to enjoy a great feel of the local community while heading out to grab a drink and a bite to eat then Grand Stand's Bar & Grill is definitely the best place for you to go to. This is a place where many of the locals head to in order to enjoy some seriously fantastic experiences that will not easily be forgotten. They feature amazing bar foods that have been cooked to perfection and delicious, wide ranging drink selections such as ice cold beers, elegant wines, and hand crafted cocktails that you will always simply love. Grand Stand's Bar & Grill is a wonderful place to go every single time, especially if you are looking to dive into the local culture and community of the Lovejoy area.

Il Dua Vietnamese Restaurant

1544 Tara Rd, Ste C, Jonesboro, GA 30238

If you find yourself craving some fantastic, authentic Vietnamese food when you are in the Lovejoy area then you simply must head over to Il Dua Vietnamese Retaurant, which is on Tara Road in Jonesboro, and is not a far trip from Lovejoy. They feature simply remarkable Vietnamese food that you will never have a problem digging into with joy. Il Dua Vietnamese Restaurant will easily become one of your favorite restaurants in the Lovejoy area if you are a fan of fantastic Vietnamese food. Whether you want to grab a banh mi sandwich or a delicious bowl of Vietnamese Pho, Il Dua Vietnamese Restaurant is absolutely the place for you to go to. They feature amazing, fresh, and flavorful meals that are beyond compare.

Happy China

11355 Tara Blvd, Hampton, GA 30228

When you are in the mood for some great Chinese food in the Lovejoy area then many people who live in the area will agree that Happy China is definitely the place to go. They feature some absolutely amazing meals that you will simply love digging into. They feature all of your favorite Chinese dishes such as chow mei fun chicken, sweet and sour pork, garlic wings, and much more. You will surely find a great deal to love about Happy China every single time, without a doubt. Happy China is a wonderful establishment that features simply delicious meals and an extremely friendly staff who will treat you with a great amount of respect each and every time that you head there. If you want to dig into a delicious meal then Happy China is the place for you.

Taqueria Michuacana Mexican Food

114 Woolsey Rd, Hampton, GA 30228

Sometimes there is nothing better than some great Mexican food, and the people at Taqeuria Michuacana Mexican Food get that. They know that there is really not much better than a simply great, authentic Mexican meal and they go to great lengths to make sure that you always enjoy your experience, no matter what. Their portion sizes are generous and the prices that they employ are extremely reasonable. Taqueria Michuacana Mexican Food is always a wonderful option when you are in the mood for some great, delicious Mexican food that has been prepared to absolute perfection inside of a simple and yet charming environment.