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Il Dua Vietnamese Restaurant

1544 Tara Rd Ste C, Jonesboro, GA 30238
(770) 471-3070

If you are in the mood for some excellent, authentic Vietnamese food then you simply must head over to Il Dua Vietnamese Restaurant on Tara Road. This is a great place in the Irondale area to go and to grab a piping hot bowl of Pho, or a great variety of other fantastic Vietnamese dishes that you will always surely have a great amount of joy in eating. The experience here is always simply spectacular, and the people who work there will always treat you with a great amount of respect, and make sure that you are always attended to and are enjoying yourself. When you head to Il Dua Vietnamese Restaurant, you do not want to pass up on their amazing Bun Bo Hue either!

King Mart & Grill of Jonesboro

10249 Tara Blvd , Jonesboro, GA 30236
(770) 603-0053

If you love chicken and fresh seafood in the Irondale area then there is nowhere better than King Mart & Grill of Jonesboro to go. They feature simply amazing, fresh meals that are simple and easy to pick up. Their wings are well renowned around the area by just about everyone who finds themselves in the area. This is a great place to go when you are looking for a delicious lunch to dig into or to enjoy a dinner with your family. The staff at King Mart & Grill of Jonesboro are extremely friendly and always remarkably helpful. They feature amazing, exotic flavors for their wings that you will certainly delight in, and there are few places that are as delightfully fresh with their seafood in the area as King Mart & Grill of Jonesboro.

Jamaican Taste

10219 Tara Blvd, Jonesboro, GA 30236
(770) 478-7676

If there is one thing that Georgia is known for other than their delicious, fresh Southern Barbeque it is their amazing Jamaican and Caribbean food as well. Jamaican Taste is one of the best places in the Irondale area to get some great Jamaican food. Their Jerky Chicken is absoltuely delicious and cooked to authentic perfection. We strongly recommend their amazing rice and beans as well. Your mouth will water just walking into Jamaican Taste, and once you sink your teeth into your meal you will want to head here as often as possible. This will easily become one of your go to spots when you are in the Jonesboro and Irondale area.

El Mercadito Tienda - Carniceria

1544 Tara Rd Ste J, Jonesboro, GA 30238
(770) 472-8948

Fans of delicious, authentic Mexican food will rejoice when they head to El Mercadito Tienda - Carniceria on Tara Road. They feature some of the best, traditional Mexican food that you can get in all of Georgia. They are a beloved locally owned and operated restaurant that is always simply delicious. Their authentic Mexican taqueria features items such as tacos, burritos, quesadillas, and much more. El Mercadito Tienda - Carniceria is a wonderful accomplishment in culinary deliciousness that you can only get when you are in the Irondale area and we can not recommend it highly enough.

China Wok

10393 Tara Blvd, Jonesboro, GA 30236
(770) 477-0504

If you are a big fan of amazing, authentic Chinese food then you will find nowhere in the Irondale area better to indulge in this craving than China Wok. They feature some absolutely amazing meals that you will always simply love. They feature all of your favorite, traditional Chinese dishes such as Shrimp with Lobster Sauce, Chicken Fried Rice, Szechuan Pork, Black pepper Steak, and much more. The people who work at China Wok are extremely friendly and will always treat you with a great amount of respect. You will never be disappointed with your decision to head to China Wok for a meal, that is without a doubt.