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Taqueria Michuacana Mexican Food

114 Woolsey Rd, Hampton, GA 30228

When you find yourself craving some fantastic Mexican food in the Hampton area then you simply must head over to Taqueria Michuacana Mexican Food on Woolsey Road. They are a wonderful, authentic, gourmet style Mexican restaurant that features a great variety of delicious Mexican meals that you will simply love every time. They prepare all of their meals with the most fresh and high quality ingredients that they can get their hands on. Their friendly wait staff is always extremely accommodating and you will always feel comfortable in their friendly atmosphere. When you head to Taqueria Michuacana Mexican Food we strongly recommend that you grab one of their fresh, delicious tostadas.

Jailhouse Brewing Company

8 Cherry St, Hampton, GA 30228

Jailhouse Brewing Company is a beloved gem of a brewery located in the heart of Hampton. They feature fantastic hand crafted beers that they export out to local retail outlets and also feature a great bar area for people to come in and enjoy these fresh, delicious brews. We strongly recommend all of their brews, and you will surely find something that you will love when you head there. Between their Jailhouse, the Slammer Wheat, Misdemeanor Ale, and much more, you will surely find something that you will love when you head to Jailhouse Brewing Company. We suggest you head over there to hang out, play corn hole, and enjoy food from the BBQ Food Truck that stops by frequently.

Hong Kong Star

20 E Main St N, Hampton, GA 30228

Hong Kong Star is widely regarded to be one of the absolute best places to grab Chinese food in all of the Hampton area. They feature amazing, delicious food that you will certainly have no problem loving digging into. The staff is extremely friendly every time and they will make sure that you are always attended to, and that you will never feel like you have been forgotten about. They feature amazing takes on your favorite, traditional Chinese dishes such as Almond Boneless Chicken, sweet and sour pork, shrimp fried rice, and much more. You will never be disappointed with your experience at Hong Kong Star.

Juicy Ribs

718 Hwy 3 N, Hampton, GA 30228

When you are in the Georgia area, there is little doubt that you will find yourself looking to enjoy some fantastic, fresh down home cooking. They feature some of the best barbeque that you will ever find yourself digging into. Their meat has been smoked for over 12 hours, and everything is cooked to absolute perfection. You will love just about everything about your experience when you head to Juicy Ribs. They feature a wide range of customers who come from far and wide to head there and enjoy some of the best southern cooking that you can get just about anywhere in all of the state of Georgia.

Finish Line Cafe

96 Woolsey Rd, Hampton, GA 30228

Sometimes you just want to head to a simple, casual restaurant where you can go and just dig into some simple Americna cuisine that is simply fantastic in every way. The folks at Finish Line Cafe are the best place in the Hampton area to satisfy that craving, without a doubt. They feature amazing meals that you will surely love greatly. They feature amazing chicken wings that you will love digging into, delicious juicy burgers, and much more. Everything that they serve is cooked to order and served with a smile. For anyone looking for a nice, simply hole in the wall, Finish Line Cafe is definitely the place for you to go, without a doubt. We can not recommend this fantastic restaurant highly enough.