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Pho Dai Loi

4061 Jonesboro Rd, Forest Park, GA 30297

If you are looking to enjoy some seriously good Vietnamese food in the Forest Park area then you need look no further than Pho Dai Loi. They make sure that each and every meal is made with fresh, delicious ingredients that you can really sink your teeth into. The pho that they serve is absolutely unforgettable. You can taste each and every ingredient like a vibrant color. We don't know what they do to make this Pho Dai Loi but it really works whatever it is. They have spring rolls that are always fresh and grilled pork sandwiches that are expertly crafted and also simply delicious. The service is always expedient and friendly. You will never have a bad experience when you head to Pho Dai Loi.

Oakwood Cafe

16 Forest Pkwy, Forest Park, GA 30297

Specializing in eclectic and authentic Southern cuisine, Oakwood Cafe is a favorite spot for many people in the Forest Park area. They pride themselves on making sure that all of their fried foods have been hand breaded. All of their vegetables have been brought in every single day from the local Farmer's Market whenever possible. Their pot roast has been slow cooked for over twelve hours every single day to ensure maximum flavor. Their smoked chicken and ribs are smoked on hickory wood with their classic Southern Pride Smoker. They are also insanely large with over 250 seats as well as banquet facilities. Oakwood Cafe is a fantastic experience for any occasion.

El Rio Grande

4609 Jonesboro Rd, Forest Park, GA 30297

When you want to enjoy some seriously great, fresh Mexican food when you are in the Forest Park area then you should definitely head over to El Rio Grande. They make sure that you are always enjoying your meal when you head there. This locally owned and operated establishment greatly prides themselves on creating immensely fresh and authentic Mexican dishes that you will always be sure to love sinking your teeth into. Whether you want to dig into their tacos, their quesadillas, their tamales, their burritos, or anything in between, you will be sure to love what you get when you head to El Rio Grande. They also feature a full bar that is great for heading to when you are looking to enjoy a bar experience with your friends. They also make sure that all of their servers are always friendly and that they are respectful of all who come through their doors.

Golden Gate Chinese Restaurant

4353 Jonesboro Rd, Forest Park, GA 30297

A family owned and operated restaurant that has been serving the Forest Park area for over 20 years now, Golden Gate Chinese Restaurant has established itself as one of the most beloved staples in the area, without a doubt. They make sure to serve up all of your favorite Chinese traditional dishes such as Roast Duck, Sweet and Sour chicken, Almond Boneless Chicken, and beyond, and they prepared them all with the most fresh ingredients that you could ask for. Whenever we head to Golden Gate Chinese Restaurant we find ourselves immensely charmed by their extremely friendly staff and the relaxing and warm feeling of their atmosphere. We can not recommend Golden Gate Chinese Restaurant highly enough. Don't take our word for it though, head over to Golden Gate and find out for yourself just how good they are!

Grecian Gyro

4542 Old Dixie Hwy, Forest Park, GA 30297

Priding themselves on serving up the best Gyros that the Atlanta area (and the Forest Park area for that matter) have to offer, Grecian Gyro is a place where you can really enjoy yourself. They serve up fast, delicious, and authentic Greek meals all at extremely reasonable prices. Their specialty is their gyro beef and lamb which has been cooked to absolute perfection on a traditional rotisserie, and has been thinly sliced on a grilled pita and topped with fresh tomatoes, onions, and their excellent, signature Greek sauce. All of their ingredients are fresh and high quality, and have been locally sourced whenever possible. They also have some great made to order wraps, souvlakis, veggie wraps, and beyond. This is Greek food heaven!


151 Forest Pkwy, Forest Park, GA 30297 (404)363-2250

When you're in the mood for a seriously good burger in the Forest Park area then you simply must head over to Zesto on Forest Parkway. They specialize in real ice cream that you can really dig into and enjoy. This is a great place to go to enjoy some ice cream, some excellent ambiance, some friendly people, excellent service, and much more. The quality at Zesto is only matched by the quantity, as they do not skimp on the sides of their scoops. You'll ask for two scoops and swear that they scooped the ice cream with a shovel. This is a great place to go whether you want a dessert or a delicous lunch sandwich. We can't get over how much of a good time we have every single time we head over to Zesto on Forest Parkway.