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Shogun Japanese Steak and Sushi Bar

5855 Spout Springs Rd, Flowery Branch, GA 30542

Shogun Japanese Steak and Sushi Bar is a simply excellent place to grab some high quality, authentic Japanese meals that you can always count on being simply delicious. They are a one hundred percent Japanese restaurant, right down to the decor that they feature. The table side chefs proudly whirl and chatter their knives and spatulas, and the waitresses are all adorned in red kimonos. They stir fry everything there, except for the Sushi of course. Everything is made with fresh ingredients, from the chicken and beef to the shellfish and Japanese Squash and onions. You will have a hard time finding something that you don't love at Shogun Japanese Steak and Sushi Bar. From the Hibachi Steak to the Teppankyaki Shrimp to the creative sushi rolls, Shogun Japanese Steak and Sushi Bar simply gets it right!

Fini's Pizzeria

5857 Spout Springs Rd, Flowery Branch, GA 30542

Fini's Pizzeria is a beloved gem in the Flowery Branch area. It is a regular spot for many families looking to enjoy a delicious meal in the area. They take great pride in serving up the most authentic Italian items that you can get in all of the Flowery Branch area. The owner has perfected the classic hand tossed crust pizza that is beloved in New York. They proudly serve up pizza by the slice all day every day. They have frequently been voted the best pizza in all of the area many, many times. If you're not int he mood for pizza, then you will be sure to love one of their delicious Italian entrees at this great family owned and operated business.

Fish Tales Lakeside Grille

6330 Mitchell St, Flowery Branch, GA 30542

Fish Tales Lakeside Grille is a great locally owned and operated restaurant that specializes in absolutely delicious and fresh seafood as well as a number of unique non seafood items, all in an eclectic and beautiful lakeside setting right on Hideway Bay Marina. They make sure to only serve fish that has been fresh caught from local fishermen, and the rest of their ingredients have been locally sourced whenever possible as well. The food at Fish Tales Lakeside Grill is simply spectacular in every way. You will never have a hard time enjoying your meal when you head to Fish Tales Lakeside Grille. This is a great place to go for all sorts of reasons -- whether you are looking to enjoy a nice family meal or sit down with some friends after a hard day's work.

La Parrilla Mexican Restaurant

3446 Winder Hwy, Flowery Branch, GA 30542

If you are looking for the best in Southeastern Mexican meals right in your local Flowery Branch, then La Parilla Mexican Restaurant is a great place to go to. They have been serving up some fantastic Mexican meals since 1994 and they are always exciting and simply delectable with their meals. They have a warm and friendly staff who enjoys serving up meals such as succulent enchiladas, tender fajitas, burritos, crispy nachos, and beyond. All of which have been prepared to perfection by highly skilled chefs who have a great passion for the food that they are serving up. This is a favorite spot for locals and visitors of the Flower Branch area alike.


5510 Church St, Flowery Branch, GA 30542

If you are looking for a wonderfully romantic restaurant to enjoy an elegant fine dining experience then Antebellum is definitely the place to go in the Flowery Branch area. They are a fine dining establishment that is located in the Historic District of the beautiful Flowery Branch. It is set in a beautiful repurposed 1890's home. The ambiance of Antebellum is cozy and immensely romantic. They serve up a seasonal menu with local ingredients from local farms and dishes that are traditional but with a unique, eclectic twist. They make sure that all of their dishes are remarkably flavorful and that each dish is served by servers who are extremely professional and friendly. You will not believe your taste buds when you head to Antebellum.

Moonie's Texas Barbecue

5545 Atlanta Hwy, Flowery Branch, GA 30542

When you head to Moonie's Texas Barbecue, you can be sure that all of your senses will be shocked in the best ways possible. They make great barbecue, all the good old fashioned way. They have all of your barbecue favorites such as brisket, pork shoulder, ribs, turkey, and sausage. All of which are made exactly as they should be. The pork has been smoked for over 24 hours, just like you love it! They make all of their sides in house such as their smoked beans, cole slaw, creamed corn, and their famous potato salad. We also strongly recommend that you don't leave without trying their banana pudding! It is simply too good.